Iyengar Yoga Detroit


Iyengar Yoga Detroit

While exploring my yoga practice in stepping away from teaching for a few months, I found Iyengar Yoga Detroit and the Badass Yoga Nun. Can I just tell you how much I have fallen in love with that Iyengar prop wall! Oh my goodness, the acrobatics that are available in a harness is pretty spectacular.

Down dog is probably my favorite pose for my scoliosis. Symmetrical (well, as symmetrical as it can be for me) spine extension takes the ache out of my back. Have you ever tried down dog with a suspended wall rope around your waist, completely supported in the hips, heels against the wall, taking almost all of the weight out of your arms? You must! It is pure bliss, I promise you. I learned this version of the pose while in class at IYD with the Badass Yoga Nun, aka Gwi-Seok.


Badass Yoga Nun

photo credit: yoganun.weebly.com

Gwi-Seok is as tough as she is compassionate. She makes all poses accessible to all yogis in the class regardless of age, ability or experience level. Some of her other offerings at IYD include a weekly Black & Brown yoga class for yogis of color and a weekly class specifically for women.

IYD is accessible to a range of income levels. They offer a new student 5 class package for $30 and several Community Gift classes per week at $5 and up.  I would highly recommend Iyengar Yoga Detroit, and look forward to practicing there again in the near future.


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