Become an art collector! Support an artist who is currently seeking to feed her muse through the Interdisciplinary Arts MA Program at Columbia College.

On the Wing

Short Summary

Have you been yearning to be the owner of original artwork? My Myriad Muse is launching a campaign to encourage you to take that next step and allow yourself to make that art purchase! Not only will you be fulfilling one of your personal desires, you will also be supporting an artist who is currently seeking to feed her muse through the Interdisciplinary Arts Program at Columbia College.

What You Get

For a limited time only, you can purchase artwork from Chicago artist, Monica J. Brown at a 20-30% discount — from personal greeting cards, to limited edition lithographs, to original paintings.

The Impact

After having been a practicing artist for many years, I began to feel that I needed to add some new tools to my toolbox in order to expand and grow. Thinking about earning a Master’s degree, I began researching graduate programs. I found a perfect fit with the program at Columbia which combined many of the creative ways that I express myself  (visual art, movement, and writing) with some of the ways that I’d wanted to learn to express myself (sound art and performance.)

I am honored to have been accepted into this program, and have successfully completed half of this 30hr MA degree program (at a part-time schedule) and am requesting your help in funding the second half. The total amount needed in tuition and fees is $12,000. I have secured all but $8000 of this amount. Art purchased through this campaign is for direct funding of tuition. All donations appreciated!

How You Can Help

To view this indiegogo campaign go here:

If you like the artwork, feel free to share this campaign with others.


About mymyriadmuse

Monica J. Brown is a multi-disciplinary artist.
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