A Creative Push

Branch & Bough
This semester at Columbia College, I took on an Independent Project working with the CreativePush Collective in composing a full-length performance piece to be featured in RhinoFest 2013. CreativePush is run by Jenny Magnus and Sherry Antonini who are both faculty members at Columbia. These two play an integral role in the curriculum offered in the Interdisciplinary Arts MA program. Jenny teaches Drama, Sherry instructs in Word and Art as Practice, and together they present the summer 5-day intensive Connected Images. So, working together to help others push forward in the creative process is nothing new for them.

The CreativePush Collective is a new endeavor for this dynamic duo. When I found out about the opportunity to work with the two of them outside of the classroom to expand upon the work that I was making in their classes last semester, I knew it was an opportunity that I should take advantage of. I had been musing about the possibility of presenting my “Dream Show” (title of paper that was written and conceptualized for the Drama class), but you see…besides that Drama course that I took at Columbia in the fall, I have no experience with theater. CreativePush are willing to help you give shape to your ideas and cultivate your specific vision for work.


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Stay tuned for more info regarding “Branch & Bough” coming to RhinoFest 2013


About mymyriadmuse

Monica J. Brown is a multi-disciplinary artist.
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2 Responses to A Creative Push

  1. Joyce Owens says:

    Sounds like a great project, Monica! I always engaged in singing, dancing, performing and writing and have done all separately through the years. When I was in school I had to choose a discipline for a degree, so I chose painting! I am encouraged when I see interdisciplinary artists such as you and Juarez Hawkins and others, and still dream of singing as part of an art installation! You inspire me!

  2. mymyriadmuse says:

    Thank you, Joyce! I appreciate you. I am also inspired by your work and career. Please save the date January 27/28 for the RhinoFest performance. I hope you can make it.

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