That Quality of Light (for Nana)


Nana Shineflug (photo credit Erika DuFour)

On one particular, yet ordinary day, I am moving about from item to item on my to-do list. On this day, I am allowing myself to feel what it is I want to be doing in that particular moment instead of approaching my work in a linear fashion. It is near sunset, almost time for my evening meditation. I pass through the living room and notice the way the reflected sunlight is shining on the south wall. I pause.

What is the quality of that light? It wasn’t that golden light that appears in summer at dusk and dawn. It had more of a violet, illuminated crown chakra glow. A quiet light.

It faded as I watched it, but the impression of that light lingers on in my mind. Radiant light. Shining light. Glowing light… Soft, yet powerful. Subtle, yet captivating.

I am glad that I allowed myself to move in the moment and take in the simple magic that was happening as the sun was setting on an ordinary day. Life is full of simple magic. Catch the light where you find it.

Thank you, Nana Shineflug, for the powerful, radiant, shining light that you sent out into the world. Thank you for all you taught me.

“Sing it! If you can’t sing it, you can’t dance it…” Dance on, Nana. xox



About mymyriadmuse

Monica J. Brown is a multi-disciplinary artist.
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